Program Goals, Objectives and Performance Indicators

View a webinar describing Goals, Objectives, and Performance Indicators to assist in the process of grant and program development.

Logic Models

View this Logic Model webinar series to assist in the process of program planning and development.

The Value of Logic Models (Part 1)

Major Components of a Logic Model (Part 2)

How Logic Models Support Implementation (Part 3)

Amendments to Grant Agreements

View a webinar on the process of amending an existing Authority grant agreement.

Budget Categories Needing Prior Approval

View a webinar describing items that require Prior Approvals and/or Additional Justifications (even if they are detailed in the agreement narrative and budget).

Budget Category: Travel Costs

View a webinar describing Travel Costs and State Travel Guidelines.

Budget Category: Subcontractors

This webinar describes the Subcontract Approval process and required Consultant/Contractor/Vendor documentation.

Budget Category: Indirect Costs

View a webinar on Indirect Costs.

Faith-Based Program Self Reporting Form

View a webinar on how to complete the Authority's Faith-Based Program Self Reporting Form.