General Overview

The Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) of 2014, 30 ILCS 708/1 et seq., increased accountability and transparency in the use of grant funds and reduced the administrative burden on state agencies and grantees through adoption of federal grant guidelines and regulations.

GATA requires grants administered by Executive branch state agencies to be awarded via a competitive bidding process. In addition, all applicants must undergo a registration and pre-award screening process. This competitive grant award process is initiated with a Notice of Funding Opportunity.

ICJIA Grant Process

When applying for funding via a Notice of Funding Opportunity, applicants are required to concisely address a specified scope of work, provide a program budget detailing personnel and equipment needs, and qualify their experience to implement the program's scope of services. Applications are competitively reviewed and scored.


All Notices of Funding Opportunity are announced via CJ Dispatch, the ICJIA email subscriber list. Subcribe now.


Pre-qualification for ICJIA-administered state or federal grants is highly encouraged. Complete the prequalification process now and be ready to focus on other important aspects of your grant application, such as drafting a program narrative, proposing a budget, and producing any other vital information needed to secure funding for your program.

Complete the following to pre-qualify:

Also, make sure your agency IS in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, as applicable, and IS NOT:

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A well-developed grant application:

  • Adheres to criteria outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity and clearly identifies the issues to be addressed.
  • Describes the proposed program.
  • Includes proposed program goals and objectives and how they will be measured.
  • Describes strategies for implementation of proposed program capabilities and competencies of staff to support implementation.

Also consider:

  • Completing GATA pre-registration within three weeks of application deadline.
  • Submitting a Notice of Intent and questions you have about the funding opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Participating in funding opportunity conference calls and view technical assistance videos.